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Connestee Falls (828) 884-7355
Asheville (828) 785-1488
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North Carolina realtors

North Carolina Realtors Brevard, NC

Looking for a realtor? At Looking Glass Realty, you will find only the best North Carolina realtors. Our agents are here to serve you, whether you are a first time home buyer or looking to purchase a second or summer home away from home. Our dedicated and professional team is here to help you through every step of the home buying or selling process.

Looking Glass Realty truly has the best Brevard, North Carolina realtors.

Get to know our agents now!

Asheville Office Agents

Adam Skoog
Cell Phone: (828) 260-6036

Bernadette Merriman

Asheville Office: Broker-In-Charge
Cell Phone: (828) 553-7353
Office Phone: (828) 785-1488

Downtown Brevard Office Agents

Alex Ivers
Cell Phone: (828) 384-8335

Catherine Craven
Cell Phone: (843) 452-9454

Charlie Hardy

Working Exclusively with Buyers
Cell Phone: (828) 337-6500

Demi B. Loftis
Cell Phone: (828) 553-8192

Josh Burdette
Cell Phone: (828) 508-6886

Leslie Libby
Cell Phone: (828) 553-6936

Mike Carrick
Cell Phone: (828) 553-3197

Pat Hawkins
Cell Phone: (828) 553-9161

Paul Wilander

Brevard Office: Broker-In-Charge / Owner
Cell Phone: (828) 577-1666
Office Phone: (828) 883-4663

Phyllis Goff
Cell Phone: (828) 883-7858

Rich Libby
Cell Phone: (828) 553-6935

Connestee Falls Office Agents

Dick Smith
Cell Phone: (828) 553-2677

Rick Daniel

Connestee Falls Office: Broker-In-Charge
Cell Phone: (828) 384-1922
Office Phone: (828) 885-7355

Sapphire Office Agents

Mary Coker

Sapphire Office: Broker-In-Charge
Cell Phone: (828) 553-2523
Office Phone: (828) 966-9209

Looking Glass Property Management, LLC

Mandi Burdette

Looking Glass Property Management, LLC

Property Manager
Cell Phone: (828) 338-9198

Josh Burdette

Looking Glass Property Management, LLC

Cell Phone: (828) 508-6886

Each office is independently owned and operated.