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Chasewood Real Estate

Chasewood | Brevard NC

Chasewood North Carolina properties are still filling up, which means it is a perfect time to purchase a plot of land in this gorgeous planned community. The houses that are already established enjoy scenic views, tranquil nature, and the community runs next to Windover Farms. This means that you are likely to see horses not too terribly far away. Looking Glass Realty has a special connection to this community and it would be our absolute pleasure to show you around and possibly even make your vision of living in one of the Chasewood properties a reality. Chasewood also has a very active birdwatching group on the property. For those who adore birds with a passion, it would be a fantastic club to get involved with on a still day.

Chasewood - North Carolina

Chasewood is a nonprofit, planned community, with a heavy oversight on their finances. For anyone considering a purchase within Chasewood, North Carolina properties, this is fantastic news. It means that your biggest asset will be financially protected for years to come. There is a relatively large staff to take care of maintenance as well as other issues within the community, and the board often seeks aggressive improvements by the city of Brevard. In short, these tranquil rolling estates will be very well taken care of. When you are ready to view the Chasewood homes for sale, be sure to call on us at Looking Glass Realty. We provide up to date listings for available homes, as well as personal tours of potential properties. Visiting this gorgeous community is almost as good as living there, and we enjoy the opportunity to soak it all up! If you are looking for property in the Chasewood, Western North Carolina locales, check out our constantly updated (daily) listings feature on our site.

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