Big Hill Acreage Homesteads

If you are looking for a quiet, nature inspired place to call home, a place that isn't cluttered with golf courses, swimming pools, and tennis courts and if you are looking for a spot that was developed in concert with nature, Big Hill Acreage Homesteads is your kind of place.  The developer of Big Hill had a vision to create homesteads that were surrounded only by nature and in 1997, the developer, Art Dehon, set out to create such a place. The rules are simple, don't disturb nature. Enjoy hikes, mountain biking and other activities. Your neighbors won't be constructing a man-made pool or starting a country club. You'll have the hills as your soundtrack.

The Bill Hill encompasses over 600 acres, and Art himself hand selected each homestead location. There are paved roads and underground utilities, as well as cut-out driveways. Other than those minimal changes however, this is nature at its finest! If you would like to hear from the developer directly, here is a video he made to introduce you to his property:

Big Hill  - North Carolina

Obviously this quiet, secluded housing community is full of nature lovers and nature advocates. If you would like to connect with people that have a familiar zeal for nature, you can't find a better place to call home.

Before you visit Big Hill Land, North Carolina, be sure to drop a note to us at Looking Glass Realty. We would love to make arrangements for you to visit Big Hill Land homes for sales in the most efficient way possible. The best homes in this community are the ones that are hard to find, and that is exactly what we specialize in.

Keep in mind that all the Big Hill Land homes are new; remember that Art developed the land in 1997. There are still lots of plots still left to claim, so you can be sure to find a home (or create one from scratch) that will be perfect for you!

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