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Every single day of the year, dogs and cats are brought to animal shelters across western North Carolina. Some are picked up as strays who have gotten lost some how and some are simply abandoned by the very people they trusted most to care for them. In today’s difficult economy there has also been a rise in the number of family pets who are surrendered to shelters by their owners because of financial reasons or because they are relocating.

In Transylvania County, animals who are brought to the shelter are held for 72 hours. They are also assessed to determine if they are "adoptable".  But, eventually, if they are not claimed, adopted, or rescued by one of the local animal rescue groups they can be euthanized.  Policies vary from shelter to shelter, but in general, only a fortunate few are actually adopted from most shelters.  The rest rely on animal rescue organizations to save them from certain death.

Local animal rescue organizations work tirelessly to save these Boo1adoptable dogs and cats by placing them in foster homes while they look for permanent homes and coordinate with out of state rescue groups. In Transylvania County Charlie's Angels Animal Rescue, Friends for Life, TAAG, and other groups have saved hundreds of dogs and cats who would have likely been killed.  In fact, in 2008, prior to CAAR’s active involvement, 71% of all dogs brought to the shelter were euthanized. That’s 432 dogs who were killed, nearly 2 every single day. Starting in 2009 State records indicated that over 80% of dogs brought to the shelter are now being rescued by groups like Charlie’s Angels.

In addition to rescuing animals from area shelters, your voice is needed to help shut down puppy mills across our state. In 2011 and 2012, there were more puppy mill busts in North Carolina than anywhere in the United States. This is not a distinction we want.  Visit the Humane Society of the United States today and learn how you can help stop this horrendous abuse of animals.

Volunteer organizations do so much to save lives but they need all they help they can get so they can keep on saving lives.


What can you do to help?  Get involved.

• Volunteer to be a foster home

• Volunteer to help transport an animal
• Volunteer at your local shelter or with a rescue group in your area• Write a check to support any or all of the rescue groups

• Spay or neuter your pet. It’s the responsible thing to do. If you cannot afford it,  Humane Alliance in Asheville, and the Spay/Neuter clinic in Brevard both offer low cost services.

Whether it’s time or money, these organizations are dedicated to animal rescue efforts and they need your help. Contact them today!

Pictured above is Ace. He was at the Transylvania County animal shelter and was on the list to be put down. We rescued him in December 2010 and today he is 95 pounds of pure love and the best real estate dog on the planet.  In 2011 we brought Sunny home and in the summer of 2013, a small wisp of a dog wandered into our yard. We named her Boo and she is now a healthy and growing member of the Clay Team pack.

Transylvania County Animal Shelter
Brother Wolf
Charlie's Angels Animal Rescue
Asheville Humane Society
Animal Compassion Network
WNC Boxer Rescue
Almost Home Dachshund Rescue
Hope for Horses
Cashiers- Highlands Humane Society

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