Stone’s Lake Real Estate

Stone's Lake homes are located on Cedar Mountain. All of the tracts have 10 or more acres and astounding views. Stone's Lake real estate provides the perfect paradise for a nature-conscience individual with an eye for natural conservancy and privacy. The surroundings of Stone's Lake include waterfalls, streams, rivers, and lots of mature trees. The entire community covers 580 acres of lush green hills and forest, and Cedar Mountain is nestled up against two national forest (Pisgah and Dupont), so all of the Stone's Lake homes are deep inside of a rural landscape.

On the other hand, the seclusion of this area is a bit misleading. With Atlanta, Knoxville, and Asheville all within a three-hour drive, you can enjoy many of the famous cities of the South on a day trip, and still make it home to your cabin by nightfall. The climate of Stone's Lake homes is also pretty remarkable. Considering the unique ecosystem of the Southern Appalachian Mountains, the temperature is relatively mild while still providing four unique seasons.

Though there are built homes for sale, the true value of Stone's Lake real estate is in the gorgeous landscape. There are still open lots available in the high 200k's. This provides you the perfect respite and area to create your dream home. With little oversight, unlike other communities in the area, you will be able to make your dream home exactly how you picture it.

Stone's Lake - North Carolina

Looking Glass Realty has a heart for this community and would like to encourage you to touch base with us as you explore Stone's Lake, North Carolina and the rest of the mountainside communities. There are lots of winding roads and a lot of ground to cover. Each individual community has its own personality and so it would be wise for you to use us to guide you on your journey.

Stone's Lake, North Carolina is an absolute treasure, and with practically nonexistent crime, smog, or traffic, you can retire, vacation, or live here with very few issues. Let yourself explore the wild outdoors while still living in luxury. That is what Stone's Lake real estate has to offer.

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