Madison County Real Estate

Just 15 miles north of Asheville sits Madison County, on the North Carolina/Tennessee border. This county is 73% forest and is partially covered by the Smoky Mountains portion of Appalachia. This means that almost a full fourth of the county is managed by the US Forest Service. What does this mean for Madison County Real Estate? It means you can have the perfect, private, natural splendor you have always dreamed of. Whether you want to find an isolated cabin in the woods or a family-sized home with suburban amenities, you can find it here in Madison County.

Due to the local mountains and elevation, the weather is fairly mild, but the county still holds four unique seasons. Also, you will find there is a treasure trove of unique ecosystems within the surrounding forest. No matter where you find your future home, in Madison County, North Carolina real estate you will be surrounded by an absolutely-unique paring of natural surroundings. As you would expect, the home prices and the low crime rate are consistent in this area of the country. Also, since so many communities within Madison County are pre-planned, you will easily find a group of like-minded homeowners that balance a love of nature with a smart preservation of their largest investment. This means your Madison county properties will stay high in value for generations to come.

Madison County - North Carolina

While you are planning a trip to Madison County, why not consider adding some recreating to your schedule. There are many arts and crafts, animal farms, and museums to enjoy while you are house shopping.

If you would like to build an entire weekend around house hunting, simply connect with us here at Looking Glass Realty to get started. It would be our pleasure to plan out the perfect schedule for you and your family. That way, you can enjoy all of the wonders of the area without missing a hidden treasure along the way.

Madison County homes for sale range from small to large farms, single-family homes, cabins, and even more. Most of the prices are very modest, some run even below 100k.

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