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Hendersonville, North Carolina properties are found between the Blue Ridge Mountains and the Great Smokies. Just 15 miles north of the South Carolina border and 22 miles south of Asheville, Hendersonville is perfectly located for a serene and friendly community. Due to the proximity of mountain ranges and the elevation of 2,200 ft above sea level, Hendersonville keeps a rather mild climate setting. Even in July or August, the temperature average is in the low to mid 80s and the humidity is nowhere near as bad as other parts of the state. This is why the town is known as the "City of Four Seasons" because it has four, unique seasons without the dramatic chill or heat. Hendersonville has a rich history and you can find many historic districts within the relatively small town. There are also eight parks to choose from throughout the city for residents and visitors to enjoy.

Hendersonville, North Carolina homes for sale range from condominiums under 90k to major luxury properties over 1.5M. The opportunity to find the home of your dreams is here! Keep in mind that very few open lots are available, but the bylaws are few and far between for homes not found on the National Historic Registry.

Hendersonville - North Carolina

When it is time for you to visit Hendersonville homes, you can come by car or plane rather easily. The Asheville airport is only 10 or 15 minutes north of town and the highways are very close as well. Before you come to visit this beautiful town, be sure to check out the current listings available. We have a search engine that you can use 24/7, and it is updated each day.

And of course, the most famous attraction in the area is the Biltmore house, which is only 10 minutes from Hendersonville, if that. Hendersonville, North Carolina homes for sale are not only in a great location but the chances are supremely high that your investment will retain its value for years and generations to come.


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