Haywood County Real Estate

Haywood County is roughly 550 square miles and is home to approximately 57,000 people making it the third largest county in Western North Carolina. Haywood County borders a piece of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, which is the most popular National Park within the US.

Living in Haywood County real estate means a passion for nature and the local area culture. Haywood County has a long, rich history that stretches back to Native Americans, and within the county limits you will find many museums and festivals that celebrate this heritage. Another great thing about Haywood County North Carolina Real Estate is the large spectrum of options. There are a literally hundreds of homes and homesites available. So whether you want to find your dream home or build it from scratch, Haywood County is a perfect place to look.

The climate within Haywood County is also fairly amazing. You will find four unique seasons, none of them severe. Due to the elevation and close proximity to the mountains, you will find milder winters and summers without sacrificing changing leaves and other seasonal gems. The crime rate in Haywood County is also rather impressive. Historically North Carolina has a low crime rate, but within Haywood County this is practically nonexistent. And with many pockets of planned communities, you will find that your largest investment will be safe from falling housing prices.

Whether you live in a planned community or not, Haywood County homes for sale afford you the opportunity to indulge your inner nature lover. Many of your neighbors will be active bird watchers, hikers, white water rafters and more. You are sure to have plenty of privacy and a sense of the natural world, no matter where you purchase within Haywood County.

Haywood County - North Carolina

Haywood County is a bit of an intersection for many mountain ranges. This includes Balsam Mountains to the west and the Nantahala National Forest, among others. Each one of these natural locations has their own ecosystem, types of trees, etc. For those who want to explore nature, there simply isn't a better place to find so many different types of natural wonder than Haywood County, North Carolina.

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