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Cedar Mountain - Real Estate

Cedar Mountain is directly north of Connestee Falls, a beautiful part of Western North Carolina. The picturesque landscape makes it a perfect place to vacation or buy a home. The community of Cedar Mountain is full of nature enthusiasts, bird watchers, hikers, and more. If you love the outdoors and care about preserving it, then Cedar Mountain properties are perfect for you! Cedar mountain homes for sale range from spacious cabins to cozy, traditional homes. Cedar Mountain, North Carolina homes are minutes from a variety of state and national parks like Pisgah National forest and DuPont National Forest. The activities within Cedar Mountain revolve around nature and community. Many small communities, including Cedar Mountain, have a social ecosystem all unto themselves. This means that you are purchasing more than a plot of land or a home, you are buying a way of life. Imagine living in a community that is secluded enough to afford you privacy, close enough to provide you a valuable support system, yet not too far away from the amenities of a larger city. Atlanta is just a couple of hours away, and closer than that is Knoxville, Charlotte, and of course Asheville. You can spend your weekend at the Biltmore Estates and be home in time for dinner.

Cedar Mountain - North Carolina

The surroundings for Cedar Mountain Real Estate are just one of the major amenities. Another bonus is the absolutely perfect climate. Imagine having all four seasons, but being high enough to avoid the blistering summer heat???and yet, with all of the tree cover, your winters are a tad warmer than other places in North Carolina. The unique position of Cedar Mountain properties, near the Southern Appalachians, provides it with a constantly-mild temperature. This climate provides you and your family the perfect excuse for exploring the outdoors year round. The house pricing is another reason to relocate or retire in Cedar Mountain. The average income of your new neighbors is around 52k a year and most of them have a college education. This is the heart of the middle class. Imagine living near likeminded individuals that worked hard so they could live in a beautiful place. Your biggest investment will hold its value. The crime rate in Cedar Mountain properties is practically non-existent; the crime rate is even lower than the already-tiny rate across the great state of North Carolina. This is a place you can be proud of for many generations to come.

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