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We Admit It. We're Biased About Brevard, NC

We admit it....when it comes to living in Brevard, North Carolina we are biased. After living in Florida for 30+ years and watching the area morph from a nice Gulf-side community to a bloated, over-populated megalopolis we were ready for a change and anxious to leave the heat, humidity, hurricanes, and hectic lifestyle in our rear view mirror.

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July Market Report

We saw a significant increase in residential home sales during the month of July.

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A Perfect Day on a Perfect Spot

I like sitting on my porch on a day like today when the the sky is that perfect North Carolina blue, the sun is warm on my face, but a spring time breeze is still cool enough to require an extra layer.

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Vanished. Lost Without A Trace.

It started like any other afternoon with a game of ball in the side yard. But then our big dog Ace loped into the woods to chase a squirrel and vanished.

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$10 Holes

My dad used to say you could grow anything. All you needed was a $1.00 plant and a $10.00 hole. Translated, that means you don't need to spend a lot of money on the plant; you just need to make sure the hole you dig for it is filled with quality soil.

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Lace up those hiking boots

With winter coming to an end, thoughts of getting outside are filling our heads. Native laurels will be in bloom soon and with the day time temperatures hovering comfortably around the 70 degree mark, staying inside just isn’t an option for lots of us.

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April 2016 Market Update

The news this month is all about the Brevard/Pisgah Forest market and the current "buying" season. One of the indicators that we consider when we talk about how the market is doing is how long it takes for homes to sell.

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March 2016 Market Update

2006 was, by any standard, a booming year for real estate here in the Brevard, NC area. Based on the first quarter sales this year, the market could meet or even surpass those 2006 figures.

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February 2016 Market Update

The year is off to a stable start with residential sales.  February sales were only one more than last year, but land sales actually exceeded this time last year.

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As the year came to an end, we are able to look back and see what the 2015 market looked like...and it was good news.

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March Market Update

Along with blooming daffodils and tulips, spring signals the start of the real estate season here in western North Carolina.

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Five Things You Can Do To Help Sell Your Home This Year.

Winter is just about over and most people I know are looking forward to the color and warmer temperatures of spring.  It's also about the time of year that people start thinking about putting their homes on the market.  Typically, our peak season runs from Memorial Day through Thanksgiving.  So, for anyone thinking about selling a home this year, now is the time to get serious about it. There are things that you can be doing now to maximize your chances of selling so when the season starts, you'll be at the head of the class.screwdriver

So where do you start?  

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February Market Report

By the time March rolls around, I'm ready for spring.  I love winter and this year it was milder than expected even though we managed to have enough snow for a week or two to make it interesting and feel like winter. But now, I'm ready to see some daffodils and budding trees. I'm also ready to gear up for the buying and selling season.

The February real estate report brings us a good uptick in residential sales over the same time last year.

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Rails to Trails in Brevard

When I bought my first house in Florida, a railroad track ran more or less parallel to the back of my property. We were separated only by a small bit of undeveloped land. Beyond the track was the intercostal waterway so I enjoyed the relative privacy in an otherwise busy area. The railroad had been active for many years but shortly after we bought the house it was closed down like many others across the country. In some strange way I actually missed the sound of the train as it rumbled past our back yard to who knows where.

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I Won't Do An Open House. Period.

I'll just say right up front that I've never been a big fan of Open Houses. They've always seemed like a colossal waste of time and money. Now and then, if we have a really special property, we'll host a Broker Open House in the hopes that other Brokers will stop by for some free food and check out our listing. Ideally they will have just the right buyer and in a matter of months, we'll all be sitting around the closing table together. I can assure you that has never happened. In fact, the only chance we have of getting local Brokers to come to an Open House is during the winter months when everyone's business is a little slower and they are looking for a free lunch.

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October Market Report

Everyone has their favorite season. For us,  it's fall.  Usually towards the end of August I start thinking about the fall colors, the cooler temps, and the corduroy pants that are waiting to come out of storage.  By September, I'm willing fall to come and relieve us of the last of summer.  And now it's finally here. The temperatures are cool, pumpkins and dried corn husks are showing up everywhere and the other day I smelled the first wood smoke of the season coming from a neighbors fireplace.

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The Art of Life in Brevard, NC

Part of the appeal of Brevard, North Carolina is that it’s a small town nestled in the mountains of western North Carolina. Smalls town hold a lot of charm and a quieter life style that many people are looking for. So you might be thinking that living in a small town means giving up arts and culture. When you live in Brevard, nothing could be further from the truth.

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September Market Report

Homes and land sales continue to be higher than the same time last year, especially homes. In 2013 280 properties sold compared to 313 this year and we attribute that to two things – great mortgage rates and price adjustments.

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Fall in the Mountains...My Favorite Time of Year

It’s September. The kids are back in school, football season is starting, and it won’t be long before we’ll be needing a sweater in the morning. It’s almost fall in the mountains – my favorite time of year.

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Happiness by the numbers

I always enjoyed school. Once I got to college at the University of South Florida, though, I really had to hone in on the classes that were going to be required for my major whether I liked them or not. The one and only class that gave me fits, and the one and only class I ever had to repeat in college was (cue the scary music) statistics. I love research but statistics and I never saw eye to eye. It was much the same way in Algebra. I wanted to know WHY X=Y....

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Unlocking the Secret Code of Realtors

I've been working with a great young couple who have uncovered the secret code of Realtors.

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The World on a Two Lane Road

This past week we took an overnight trip that involved several stops around Georgia, a night spent in Chattanooga, Tennessee, then back to Georgia the next morning. The trip had a purpose which we fulfilled, but along the way, we discovered an interesting irony.

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