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Biltmore Park

Biltmore Park is a master planned community within the city limits of Asheville, NC. In fact, Biltmore Park homes were the first master planned community in the area. And unlike many of the other master planned communities to the West, Biltmore Park has a wide variety of inhabitants, homes, and culture within its 750 acres. There is every type of home imaginable within Biltmore Park. They have urban condos, craftsmen houses, luxurious mountain homes, and more. And again, unlike other master planned communities, you will find the bylaws of each sub-community to be very flexible. It's your home and they provide you as much flexibility as possible, while still maintaining a certain level of excellence to preserve your home's value. The crime rate within Biltmore Park is lower than the already practically non-existent crime rate in the state. The HOA fees range between each sub community. The entire area is close to downtown Asheville, thereby providing you a perfect mountain escape with all the amenities of big city life.

There is a private preparatory school within minutes of the community. There are also lots of planned and offered activities within Biltmore Park homes. The town square within the community provides a large Barnes and Noble, PF Chang's, and other big-city-type amenities that other planned communities simply can't afford. This is the perfect place to vacation, visit, or relocate to. Whether you are a growing family or a retiree, Biltmore Park, North Carolina can be the perfect next step of your journey.

Biltmore Park - North Carolina

Biltmore Park, North Carolina properties not only surrounded by gorgeous scenery and big city amenities, but due to the location, they have practically perfect whether. Because of the close mountains and the elevation, there are four distinct seasons within Biltmore Park and none of them are severe. This means you and your family can enjoy a beautiful summer day without the worries of heat stroke or take in a crisp winter morning without having to shovel feet upon feet of snow.

The price of land and Biltmore Park homes range as much as the styles do. There are million dollar properties and also those that hover in the low 200ks. It isn't the most affordable area, but as they say, you get what you pay for. Enjoy the privacy of a mountain escape without sacrificing your weekend desires for shopping and museums. Larger cities like Atlanta, Knoxville, and others are just a few hours away, making it an ideal location for those that want the best of both worlds. Not to mention that a huge attraction, the Biltmore Estates is just down the road.

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