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Biltmore Forest in Asheville

Biltmore Forest is one of the most prestigious areas in the country, let alone North Carolina. The namesake comes with a lot of responsibility, and the current board of Biltmore Forest properties takes that responsibility very seriously. General guidelines regarding new structures, fences, etc keep this beautifully-landscaped area impeccable.

The history of Biltmore Forest, North Carolina real estate is just as prestigious. The original developer and landscaper were a part of the original team that crafted Central Park in New York City and other famous areas. In March 1990, Biltmore Forest was officially added to the National Historic Registry, the entire area. The landscape is purposefully manicured to keep the style and local nature from being impeded.

The Biltmore Forest homes for sale are huge, and there are many small gated communities like The Ramble to choose from. Homes in this area include large, luxury homes and spacious cabins. And though nature is a high priority, like in other communities in North Carolina, the scenic ambience takes precedence. In other words, at the end of the day, a bird's nest might not keep you from building, but if it disrupts the aesthetics of the neighborhood, it would.

Biltmore Forest - North Carolina

Biltmore Forest, North Carolina is just 10 minutes from Asheville making the city as close as possible while still providing the privacy of forest living. Lots are large but not usually overgrown with trees like you will find in communities more to the West. Biltmore Forest real estate includes some empty plots but mostly already built homes for sale.

There are less than 2,000 people living in Biltmore Forest properties, meaning that it won't take very long at all for you to feel like a part of this community. The average annual income is well over 100k. This is the perfect opportunity for you to invest in a large-ticket home that can be passed down for generations. The investment of your home will be preserved above all else in a community that caters to restoration and aesthetics.

For individuals who have a sleek eye for design and a passion for excellence, Biltmore Forest, North Carolina is the ticket. If you would like to explore this area with a REALTOR, please contact us here at Looking Glass Realty. We would be thrilled to drive you around town and show you the many gorgeous options. In the meantime, check out our FREE listing service that is updated daily.

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